Mental Health Screening Reinvented

Identifying mental health conditions is the main bottleneck in solving the mental health crisis

Connected Mind Solves The Identification Problem

Mental Health issues are common

People of all ages, genders, economic classes, and ethnicity are affected by mental health. Every year 1 in 5 people will suffer from a mental health issue. If they’re suffering from one issue, there’s a 50% chance they’re suffering from 2 or more. The reality is many people don’t realize that underlying mental health might be negatively impacting them. It can lead to poor health, loss of productivity, and in some cases, even death.

Panic Attack

Current Solutions Fall Short

The latest Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM-5) for mental health was published in 2013. However, most mental health screening tools were written 20 to 50 years ago for use with paper and pencil. Making them electronic will not solve the issue, because most were written to screen for a single condition, making it statistically probable that conditions will be missed. Current tools are akin to fishing with a fishing pole, when what is needed is a net.

Paper Mental Health Screening

Connected Mind Is Solving The Problem

Connected Mind was designed from the ground up for use with the latest technology. It uses an Automated Intelligent branching logic engine to screen for the 6 most common connected conditions all at the same time. Connected Mind is like fishing with a net, and it helps to ensure those who are suffering from a mental health condition do not slip through the cracks.

Screening results on an iPad