Mental Health Screening Reinvented

Solve the bottleneck caused by traditional screening tools

Connected Mind Solves The Identification Problem

Mental Health issues are common

Not only are mental health issues common with 1 in 5 people suffering from a mental health condition, many individuals are not aware that what they suffer from is due to mental health. 

As a result, mental health needs go untreated and this leads to poor physical health, loss of productivity, substance use, and in some cases, even death. 


Panic Attack

Current Solutions Fall Short

With mental health conditions being so common, it’s imperative that a mental health screening tool can quickly and accurately identify the complex and unique mental health status of an individual. 

The current mental health screening solutions are based on tools written 20 to 50 years ago, with many screening for a single condition at a time. While these screening tools have been converted to electronic format for delivery, there has been no effort to make the tools more intelligent.

As a consequence, the current tools are time consuming, confusing, and result in many with mental health conditions to slip through the cracks.   


Paper Mental Health Screening

Connected Mind Is Solving The Problem

To solve the identification bottleneck, Connected Mind uses an Automated Intelligent branching logic engine to deliver a personalized mental health screening based on an individual’s responses. 

Indeed, by using an intelligent engine, 6 common connected mental health conditions can be screened at one time, resulting in a complete mental health status for individuals across populations.  

Imagine mental health screening is analogous to fishing, Connected Mind uses a fishing net while traditional screening tools use a pole. By doing so, we will catch those who would otherwise slip through the cracks.     

Screening results on an iPad