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Improve your life with Connected Mind

We created Connected Mind because

69% of those suffering from a mental health condition didn’t know that the symptoms they were suffering from were caused by their mental health.

Mental Health is a root cause

That's where Connected Mind comes in

We live in the identification space of the mental health world and help to identify root causes so that people can get the help they need

Our Mental Health Screening is clinically validated.

Which means it works. It works well.

Doctor's love Connected Mind

Our start

The screening was originally designed for clinical use, allowing primary care doctors, internal medicine, family practice, OBGYN and Pediatric providers the ability to get a dashboard of their patients mental health before they walk in the exam room. This enables them to ask more specific, personalized questions that help patients receive elevated care.

Take Care of Yourself

Check your own Mental Health

During the Pandemic we realized that we had the ability to do more.
We created an anonymous version of the screening and made it available to the public for free. You can take it right now on our Get Screened page.
You get your own results. You see them, we don’t. You can share them with whomever you like. Or not.

Patient care with a smile

Share your results

We do encourage you to share them with your doctor or mental health professional as they can take your report and use a code on the bottom of your screening results that allows them to pull a copy of your clinical report.
This can help open your conversation and assist you on your path to wellness.

Support better outcomes


As more and more of us acknowledge the challenges we face today, more and more of us realize that checking our mental health not only matters to our happiness but also to the community around us.

Improve outcomes

Mental health for all

Whether at work or play more and more companies, medical providers, EAP’s, hospitals, community centers, & non-profits are realizing that addressing mental health is as important as addressing physical health.

Connected Mind Report

Join our mission

Our screening has expanded its reach into these areas while still prioritizing the confidentiality and care of the individual.
Join us on our mission to save and improve as many lives as we can.