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Connected Mind Is A Corporate Mental Health Tool With Actionable Next Steps

1 in 4 of your employees are suffering (pre-COVID) | 69% don’t know why | 66% don’t receive sufficient help | 33% increase in healthcare costs | $53 Billion lost annually due to absenteeism

When Companies support employees, employee engagement Improves, absenteeism decreases, turnover decreases & the bottom line increases

Improve The Mental Health Of Your Team


Connected Mind Cares About Your Company


Improve Employee Engagement

Did You Know That

69 % of those suffering from a mental health condition didn’t know that the symptoms they were suffering from were caused by their mental health

Connected Mind for Corporate

It's A Win – Win

Companies ask their employees complete our anonymous screening

Employees receive their own results and companies collect aggregate data so they can effectively support their teams

Create a Better Performing Team

Stop Guessing

Companies can measure their results scientifically and use the anonymous aggregate reports to offer wellness programs specific to their population and measure the ROI of those programs over time

Reduce Stress In Your Organization