Connected Mind Provides EAPs With Evidence-Based Mental Health Screening And Detection

1 in 4 of your employees are suffering (pre-COVID) | 69% don’t know why | 66% don’t receive sufficient help | 33% increase in healthcare costs | $53 Billion lost annually due to absenteeism

When Companies support employees, employee engagement Improves, absenteeism decreases, turnover decreases & the bottom line increases

Connected Mind Individual Anonymous Report


Connected Mind Aggregate Population Report


Connected Mind Improves Teams

Reduce Costs

Early intervention with high-risk employees is the most effective way for EAP’s to help employers reduce costs.

Connected Mind Improves Mental Health

Supercharge Your Offerings

Adding the Connected Mind workforce screener to an EAP efficiently supercharge their existing suite of services.

Connected Mind For EAPS

More Value

EAPs can offer employers much more value at little additional cost by sharing the Connected Mind workforce mental wellness overview.

Connected Mind Improves Well Being