Connected Mind provides EAP’s with evidence-based employee screening and detection

Early intervention with high-risk employees is the most effective way for EAP’s to help employers reduce costs.

Connected Mind Works with Teams

Adding the Connected Mind workforce screener to an EAP efficiently supercharge their existing suite of services.

Connected Mind Works with Companies

EAPs can offer employers much more value at little additional cost by sharing the Connected Mind workforce mental wellness overview.

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Connected Mind Works With Teams

"Connected Mind Creates A Positive Impact"


… If you peel it back a bit and think of it from a leaders perspective – the tool allows you to really dive into what the root cause of some of the challenges you are having are. Often it shows up like turnover or challenges in hiring people, or people out sick but the reality is that the underlying issue is a mental health issue and the symptoms are what you see….

~ Georgine Muntz, MBA

"I'm Thrilled To Work With Connected Mind"


Most innovative and intuitive screening tools I’ve ever evaluated –

~ Sheila Hamilton, CEO

"I Appreciate Connected Mind"


What I really truly appreciate working with the team at Connected Mind is that they understand the problem and they understand the solution and they are authentic with their passion about wanting to make this work.

~ Donna Volpitta, ED.D

"Connected Mind Promotes More Honest Responses"


It’s natural questions that lead the user to honesty. So it actually gives a much better end result…

~ Jason Schofield, CTO