The Science

Mental Health Screening Reinvented

To solve the mental health identification bottleneck, Connected Mind uses an Automated Intelligent branching logic engine to deliver a personalized mental health screening based on an individual’s responses. It’s like being interviewed by a clinical psychologist, but in a fraction of the time.

Current Primary Care diagnoses / misdiagnosis an astonishing 54 – 80%

Connected Mind Report

Connected Mind Screening Effectiveness 96.4%

Two Tiered Approach

Connected Mind with Fast Check
takes a two tiered approach to identifying underlying mental health conditions. The instrument utilizes a screening to either rule out conditions or to trigger more detailed testing. The screening = High sensitivity
SAMS = Balance sensitivity and specificity

Connected Mind is Peer-Reviewed

Clinically Validated

Connected Mind’s clinical validation study measured the CMFC instrument against the SKID 5 RV, PDSQ, PHQ9, PHQ15, GAD7, CAGE AID, ASRS, and MDQ

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