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69 % of those suffering from a mental health condition didn’t know that the symptoms they were suffering from were caused by their mental health.

That’s Where We Come In

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Connected Mind Solves The Identification Problem

Connected Mind uses an Automated Intelligent branching logic engine to deliver a personalized mental health screening based on an individual’s responses.

Indeed, by using an intelligent engine, 6 common connected mental health conditions can be screened at one time, resulting in a complete mental health status for individuals across populations.

Imagine mental health screening is analogous to fishing, Connected Mind uses a fishing net while traditional screening tools use a pole. By doing so, we will catch those who would otherwise slip through the cracks.

Connected Mind Results




8 Randomized Questions

Takes about 1 minute

Rules out conditions with a 96.4% NPP

SAMs – Standardized Assessment Modules

Automated Intelligent Branching Logic Engine

Assess only what’s triggered

Takes an average of 2-5 min

No redundant or unnecessary questions

Designed to end as fast as possible

Know your patient
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