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69 % of those suffering from a mental health condition didn’t know that the symptoms they were suffering from were caused by their mental health.

That’s Where We Come In

Connected Mind is a cross-cutting tool that is clinically validated to screen and test for the 6 most common connected mental health conditions simultaniously

Connected Mind Report
Change no idea to know idea

Connected Mind Solves The Identification Problem

Change No idea to Know idea

Connected Mind uses an Automated Intelligent branching logic engine to deliver a personalized mental health screening based on an individual’s responses.

By using an intelligent engine, 6 common connected mental health conditions can be screened at one time, resulting in a complete mental health status for individuals across populations.

Imagine mental health screening is analogous to fishing, Connected Mind uses a fishing net while traditional screening tools use a pole. By doing so, we will catch those who would otherwise slip through the cracks.

Fast & Accurate With Instant Results

Connected Mind Clinical Results


8 Randomized Questions
Takes about 1 minute
Rules out conditions with a 96.4% NPP

SAMs - Standardized Assessment Modules

Automated Intelligent Branching Logic Engine
Assess only what’s triggered
Takes an average of 2-5 min
No redundant or unnecessary questions
Designed to end as fast as possible

Connected Mind help you to know your patient


Your Patient

Connected Mind lets you know the big picture


The Big Picture

Connected Mind helps you to identify a plan


Your Plan

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