Press Release: Connected Mind Adds Remote Mental Health Screening in The Wake of COVID-19

Remote mental health screening for use with Telemedicine/ Telepsychiatry

Allows Doctors to easily assess patients in their homes

McKinney, TX 3rd April, 2020
In order to protect themselves and their patients, a significant number of doctors have begun treating patients remotely over telemedicine. Many are not fully equipped for the challenges faced by remote visits. One of the challenges they face is the ability to remotely screen for mental health conditions. This has become more critical in the wake of the Coronavirus. Mental health conditions can mask and exacerbate the symptoms of COVID-19, making it more difficult to identify and treat.

Connected Mind saw the difficulty doctors were facing, and quickly adapted their tablet based mental health triage tool to allow patients to be screened remotely in their homes. “Having Connected Mind available over telemedicine is exactly what we needed to help identify underlying mental health conditions”, said Derek LeJeune, MD of 4 The Health of It. The remote screening capabilities will have a big impact on mental health during the quarantine, and the coming months.

Connected Mind replaces traditional mental health screening. Using Fast Check technology Connected Mind is able to screen for up to 6 mental health conditions simultaneously; most of the time in under one minute. By providing doctors with a mental health profile for their patients before they begin their exam, Connected Mind is able to help doctors give better care in far less time than traditional methods.

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