1 Size does not Fit All


1 Size does not Fit All

69% of people with a mental health condition do not know that what they are feeling or experiencing is due to their mental health.  Additionally, teens striving to change their mental wellness behaviors may struggle to find a way to address their issues or to stay on track. Screening for mental health offers a way for individuals to start conversations or learning programs to address what they are going through.  Providing easy-to-use apps with bite-size lessons may help students to learn how to manage the factors that contribute to their mental wellbeing. This involves helping them to understand the factors that contribute to their symptoms as well as learning how to manage stress and engage in self-care behaviors that can improve their symptoms.

The school environment is improved when they offer multiple methods for students to stay on track with their mental wellness initiative. 1 size does not fit all, needs and styles differ. Finding and offering vetted programs that allow for a Screen / Measure / Train & Enrich cycle ensures students’ needs are met. School leadership can support their students and educators by providing anonymous mental health screeningand aggregate reporting to measure the impact of programs offered. Schools can help students make a shift from telling their personal life story as one of “illness” to one of “recovery” so they begin to identify not as a victim or a patient but rather as someone fully engaged in life with various opportunities ahead. This may be achieved by helping to remove the stigma of mental health and offering opportunities for students to come together and offer each other support using the principles of respect, shared responsibility, and an agreement of what is helpful. 1

One app we like is Diall, an approachable mental wellness platform that empowers students to take the first step to improve their mental health & wellbeing. Diall’s Daily Interactive Pathways can be completed at your own pace, improving the way you care for your mind. The curriculum is created by licensed mental health professionals making it easy to develop an understanding of the basics. Diall allows students to take a deep dive into their personal mental health and wellbeing while empowering and supporting others to do the same. Their mission is to make taking care of mental health something students look forward to doing every day. Diall believes that making care within reach for everyone is the most effective way to eliminate stigma and improve wellbeing. Their mental wellness platform has a selection of curated care experiences designed to make mental health care an exciting part of your day. Students can connect in a stigma-free community, explore curated resources, and access specialized crisis support 24/7. To learn more about Diall visit http://www.diallapp.com

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