Mental Health Screening Reinvented

Connected Mind adds intelligence and keeps it simple  

Intelligent And Simple Mental Health Screening

Why is Mental Health Screening necessary? 

1 in 5 people suffer from at least one mental health condition. Whether due to awareness or stigma, mental health needs often go untreated. Screening is necessary to identify mental health status so mental health wellness may be restored or preserved.  



Panic Attack

Why do current Mental Health Screening solutions fall short?

Unfortunately, timely identification of mental health conditions is not possible with the current screening tools.  Because the tools screen for a single condition at a time, mental health screening is time-consuming, complicated and incomplete. The shortcomings of the screening tools and the shortage of mental health professionals creates an access bottleneck to mental healthcare.      


Paper Mental Health Screening

Connected Mind Is Solving The Problem

Connected Mind uses Automated Intelligent branching logic to screen 6 mental health conditions at one time. No longer is screening a guessing game in which you must first select the conditions to screen. 

Imagine screening for mental health to be analogous to fishing – Connected Mind uses a net while traditional screening tools use a pole. As a result, fewer people will be slipping through the cracks. 

Screening results on an iPad