Mental Health Screening Reinvented

Personalized, Fast, and Detailed

Mental health screening that breaks from tradition

Connected Mind is easier and faster than screening for one condition at a time

Screening results on an iPad

Connected Mind vs Tradition

Quickly screen for 6 common comorbid conditions at the same time with a single tool and get a detailed mental health profile of your patient instantly.

Or, waste valuable time by screening for one condition at a time, resulting in
incomplete information and additional questions.

Computerized Mental Health Screening

Connected Mind is Different

Connected Mind is designed and built to use with an Automated Intelligent branching logic engine. Each screening is completely personalized. Patients are presented with relevant questions based on what is indicated. This allows for the most detail from the fewest questions.

Man With a Tablet in The Waiting Room

Connected Mind is Easy

Setup is easy: It takes less than 5 minutes for your clinic to be up and running with Connected Mind.

Workflow is easy: No need to set up each screening in advance. Connected Mind automatically walks your patients through the screening process.

Results are easy: The easy-to-read reports are instantly uploaded to your EHR before you ever enter the exam room.

Trusted by Doctors

to give better patient care and improve their workflow

"Connected Mind helps me to identify mental health conditions that I often would not catch without this type of tool. It helps me to provide better patient care, and takes significantly less time.."


Derek LeJeune


"...I have everything I need to make a plan before I go into the exam room. I am able to be proactive, which saves me significant time. I feel I am doing a better job assessing my patients. I recommend using Connected Mind..."



Gustavo H Day


"Connected Mind has been invaluable in helping me to identify underlying mental health conditions in my patients.."


Lucio R Gonzales, Jr.


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