Mental Health Screening for Schools

Why screen for mental health in schools

Recent schools tragedies are closely linked to mental health disorders, and affect the lives of students, parents, teachers, and the whole community. Since one half of all mental health conditions develop before the age of 14 schools are the ideal place to identify those at risk. Most children who suffer from a mental health condition are either not aware, or they are not able to articulate their symptoms. The only way to identify those at risk is to screen for the most common conditions.

How it works

Connected Mind® uses FAST Check® technology to quickly identify students with risks for mental health conditions. Most students complete the screening in under a minute. For those that require further questioning, our intelligent system builds and administers a personalized screening for up to 6 mental health conditions, while also looking for risks of suicide.

Find the 1 in 5

1 in 5 children suffer from a mental health condition and one half develop those conditions before the age of 14. Often times children don’t know they have a mental health condition, or they are uncomfortable or afraid to share that information with their counselor or teacher; making screening imperative. Studies also show that people are more honest with iPads when discussing sensitive information like mental health. With Connected Mind’s® FAST Check® technology, most students can be successfully screened in under a minute using a simple tablet.