Pursuit of Growth – Christian Lehinger

The Pursuit of Growth Podcast – Features Christian Lehinger

Most people spend their entire lives avoiding or simply coping with life’s difficult circumstances, and they accept mediocracy in their endeavors. Both lead to a feeling of being unfulfilled and provide an ideal environment for stress, anxiety, and worry.

A commitment to The Pursuit of Growth brings forth accomplishment, joy and peace of mind.

The Pursuit of Growth provides purpose, motivation, and fulfillment. It creates the framework of how to manage time and prioritize the future. It builds hope and amplifies a love of life. When life presents challenges, the training provides perseverance. When life inevitably delivers a knockout punch, it picks you back up. It changes the mindset of how to view the world, and creates the ability to overcome the downward spiral of excuses, complaints, and the victim mentality that consumes so many people.

The Pursuit of Growth does not solely focus on the accumulation of status and wealth, as ultimately, it creates a personalized definition of success, and it will teach that comparison to others is the thief of joy. The Pursuit of Growth eliminates worry, and teaches action instead.