Press Release – Connected Mind and Beyond Well Media Join Forces

Press Release – Connected Mind and Beyond Well Media Join Forces

January 6, 2022

Connected Mind and Beyond Well Media combine forces to allow employees to self identify
mental health issues and get access to programming that demystifies these issues, present a
path to understanding, and if need be, a way forward.

Custom company-branded podcasts engage employees about Mental Health Issues that Connected Mind
identifies. Together we show people that they are not alone. Their issues are real. There are concrete
things they can do to overcome them.

Dallas, TX and Portland, OR (January 6, 2022) – Connected Mind, the mental health screening that
identifies 6 common connected mental health conditions, as well as suicidality, is partnering with Beyond
Well Media to provide a complete package that identifies mental health conditions and creates media
programming and managerial training for people who want to learn more about mental health in the

Customers are more likely to support brands that are actively improving the world they live in. Connected
Mind and Beyond Well Media recognizes the severity of the mental health crisis. Sheila Hamilton, CEO of
Beyond Well Media commented that she is “Thrilled to be with Connected Mind because I think it is one of
the most innovative and intuitive screening tools that I’ve ever evaluated.”

Christian Lehinger, CEO/CTO of Connected Mind stated that “this partnership has the potential to not only
save lives but impact people that are suffering and give them resources and information to make their
lives better.”

Sixty-nine percent of the patients that were diagnosed with a mental health condition did not know that the
symptoms they were suffering from were caused by mental health. That statistic is staggering and both
Beyond Well Media and Connected Mind are facing the crisis head-on and working tirelessly to end it.

About Connected Mind
Connected Mind works with healthcare, education, corporations, and individuals to identify mental health
conditions and solve the mental health crisis. Join Us.

About Beyond Well Media
Beyond Well Media provides private branded company podcasts to improve employee engagement and
increase the utilization of the company’s EAP benefits program. The programming in conjunction with the
testing provides free, confidential, information for the employee regarding next steps in their mental health